Over the last fifteen-plus years, as the street / strip hobby has grown to unpredictable dimensions, the venerable production blocks have been used and abused by countless numbers of racers. In the process, there have been more cracked blocks that would fit into a warehouse. As a result, there has been a need for a solution to the cracking problem. Some companies in the aftermarket have chosen to build a bottom-end girdle, which ties all of the main caps together in order to prevent then from moving around under the intense amounts of cylinder pressure that blowers, turbochargers, and nitrous oxide produce. As the pressure builds, the main caps tend to want to assume an oblong shape and “close up”, and Bessel’s Motorsports Splayed Main Cap system puts all of those fears to rest. The ingenious solution has proven its worth in numerous applications, and Bessel Motorsports can build a main cap system for virtually any pushrod motor including most aftermarket blocks. – RacePages April 2008



As any diehard racing enthusiast knows, typical racing main caps are unable to withstand the increasing specification levels of high loads, and are unable to live up to advances in engine power.  When stock main caps are used, the motor will knock the register out of the cap (“cap chatter”); this causes a great amount of bearing damage and horsepower loss.  The consequence is a flexing of the block, which quickly destroys the main bearings and eventually, the crankshaft.

Now, let us look at the Bessel Splayed Caps (U.S. Patent # 7,322,750) in comparison. Not only an improvement by its superior cross-sectional strength, but the amazing advantage is its ability to lock into the block and eliminate the ability of the cap to move inward.  And if the cap cannot move inward, then there is no “cap chatter” – no “cap chatter” means NO horsepower loss, NO bearing damage, and NO destruction of the crankshaft!

Simply put, the Bessel Splayed Caps overwhelmingly increases cap stability.  This breakthrough design improves reliability in High-stressed engines by locking-in with the block and reliving high stress loads in the middle of the block to the outside pan rails. This is accomplished through the precision machining process of the block. It also reduces distortion of the main-bearing bores by increasing the cap’s resistance to closing up under high loads.

See for yourself how the Bessel Splayed Caps stands up to the competition.  Visit http://www.Besselmotorsports.com for a more detailed demonstration of its dependability and superior performance.  Bessel Motorsports is committed to bringing reliability, precision, and honest products to the diehard racing enthusiast by helping clients all over the world “Lock In the Power”.

Here are a few of the blocks we offer with Bessel splayed Caps:







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