Nowhere is this more true than in the straight shot oil systems designed into all Bessel Motorsports crankshafts. With the throw at 12:00 the oil enters the main bearing between 6:00 and 9:00 depending on journal size and stroke. The oil passage goes straight to the throw and exists at approx 1:30 to 2:00. RPM of the crankshaft unlike cross-drilling has no effect on oil delivery to the throw.
What is cross-drilling?
Cross drilled cranks have oil feed holes drilled completely throughout the journals. Sometimes mains only and sometimes mains and throws. An angle hole is then drilled from the throw to the main on the centerline of the crank. Some think this system, because both ends of the cross drilled hole are exposed to oil supply, will ensure continuous supply of oil to the rod journal.
Pressurized oil must enter the main journal and overcome centrifugal force of rapid acceleration or RPM to reach the center of the crank before the oil can travel to the throw. Only increased oil pressure will overcome the “crack the whip effect”. In most cases it will not and the result is a very expensive rod failure. You do not see any NASCAR team using cross-drilled cranks.
Bessel Motorsports commitment:
We are committed in selling only the highest quality crankshaft and WILL NOT cross drill crankshafts even though the process is easier and less expensive.


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