Bessel Motorsports, Inc. the home of the exceptional Bessel splayed caps have captured the racing industry once again with its patent – pending Bessel Block Supports. Which provide significantly improved block support by adding a .003″ pre-load in the engine block.


Many diehard Ford enthusiasts knows, the 302 Ford factory blocks are notorious for splitting at 500 – 550 hp and so is the new 360 Chrysler Magnum blocks. These blocks cannot withstand the increased levels of horsepower of today’s power additives such as stroker kits, large amounts of compression, NOS, turbos, and superchargers. The consequence is always the same the block will split down the lifter valley area, which quickly destroys everything.


The solution is easy the new Bessel Block Support, but lets look at why these blocks split in the first place. The answer has always been right on top of your motor. The intake manifold is the reason for this weak design and destruction, when you bolt up a 302 Ford,  or a 360 Chrysler Magnum manifolds your Intake bolts will go straight down into the block, and this puts a wedge into your blocks. As your horsepower number go up you are causing a great amount of stress and flexing on the block. With the wedge in the block it simply cannot withstand the levels of high loads, and is unable, to live up to advances in engine power.


Now, lets look at the 350 Chevy manifold how many of those blocks have you seen split down the middle? Almost none…….. the reason being the Intake manifold does not put a wedge in the block. Your small block Chevy manifold bolts go in at angle putting a pre-load into your block.


The Bessel Block design puts a .003″ pre-load in your block (the block will pull itself together like the small block Chevy manifold does) and is held in position with six dowel pins and cap screws.


The Bessel Block support system overwhelmingly increases the blocks stability. These are precision block supports, which are designed from the centerline of the camshaft. The Bessel Block Supports must be installed with a bridge-port or CNC machine.

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